Terms and Conditions

privacy policy :

These policies explain our policies regarding the collection and disclosure of your information when you use the Service and inform you of your privacy and guidelines for the law. We use your data to access our services. By using the Service, You consent to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You are committed to everything stipulated in Law 18-07, which confirms the protection of personal data, especially the issue of obtaining full, explicit personal consent before entering his data into our platform and informing him, which is guaranteed by law, and with all participation his data was collected for him.

While using our Service, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information may include:

  • Name and Surname
  • E-mail
  • phone number

The Company may use the data for the following purposes:

  • To provide and maintain our Service, including monitoring the use of our Service.
  • To manage your account: to manage your registration as a user of the Service. The data you provide can give you access to various functions of the Service available to you as a registered user.
  • To perform the contract: the development, compliance and undertaking of the purchase contract for the products, items or services you have purchased or any other contract with us through the Service.
  • To contact you: to contact you by email, phone calls, SMS or other similar forms of electronic communications, such as push notifications of mobile applications regarding updates or informational communications regarding functions, products or contracted services, including security updates When necessary or reasonable for its implementation.
  • To provide you with news, special offers and general information about other services and events we offer unless you have opted not to receive such information.
  • There are many services that we provide on our platform. You cannot use any service towards anyone without obtaining their prior express approval, and this is under your responsibility.

Changes to the privacy policy:

Octomatic always reserves the right to change all contents of the Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will become effective immediately upon posting of the new Privacy Policy on the Website and/or the Octomatic App and notice of such changes shall be posted on the Website. All users are advised to check our Privacy Policy from time to time to keep abreast of the latest changes.

Explaining the basic purpose of the service to which you have subscribed:

Master Codes Company offers this service called (Octomatic), which is an electronic platform to facilitate online sales and delivery operations. Any electronic merchant can subscribe to the service and open an account with us through electronic registration, and he can then link this platform to the stores that he uses on other platforms ( Such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other platform. After receiving orders from these stores, he can manage, organize, and confirm them through the tables designated for that, then send them to the delivery company. He can track delivery statuses by linking his account to his account with the delivery company. He can also send warning or promotional messages to his own customers. He can benefit from the record of delivery operations that is displayed to him under the customer’s phone number so that he can know the number of receipts that were made through the phone number and the number of cancellations that were made in order to avoid losses. He can also control his work team, whether the order confirmation team or the tracking team. Or the delivery team.

There are two types of people involved in the treatment we perform:

The first concerned person is the electronic merchant and is considered the second party to this contract and his data is obtained directly from him. The second concerned person is the customer, whose data the merchant enters with us on the platform for the purpose of benefiting from our services in the process of facilitating sales and delivery, and this is done in accordance with what was mentioned in. This privacy policy, especially compliance with what is stipulated in Law 18-07 relating to the protection of Physical person in the field of processing personal data.

Detailed information about personal data protection:

Users from whom personal data have been collected or from whom personal data will be collected have rights relating to the protection of their personal data.

Master Codes, as responsible for processing this data, is committed to ensuring respect for your privacy and protecting the processed data of a Physical person:

  • In a legitimate, fair and transparent manner towards the person concerned;
  • Collect data for specific, clear and legitimate purposes;
  • Collect data that is appropriate and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed;
  • Processing data in a way that ensures the appropriate level of security for data of a Physical person.

In accordance with what is stipulated in Law (18/07) relating to the protection of natural persons in the field of processing data of a personal nature and in accordance with existing legislation, we inform you that the personal data that you have provided to us will be dealt with by Master Codes Company in its capacity as responsible for this, with the aim of providing you with information about the activities of The company's objectives and services.

Accordingly, you can, at any time, exercise your rights of (viewing, accessing, correcting, and objecting to direct exploration) by contacting us:

Who is responsible for handling your data? Company name: Mastercodes Phone: 0770078370 Email: [email protected]

What is the legal basis for processing your data?

The legal basis for dealing with your data is Law (18/07) related to the protection of Physical persons in the field of processing data of a personal nature and Law (18/05) related to electronic commerce, so that all of the above is done based on your explicit consent to this.

How long will your data be kept?

Your personal data will be kept for a period of 36 months as necessary for proof of payment and statistics related to the purpose of the service and preservation of rights as long as you do not delete it or withdraw your consent to its use.

What are your rights regarding handling data?

You can, at any time, exercise your rights (view, access, correction, and objection to direct exploration, which will be detailed below) by contacting us:

You have the right to obtain confirmation of the handling of your data. You can also view your personal data and request that incorrect data be amended or deleted in the event that the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or the consent granted has been revoked. In certain cases, you can request that Limits on dealing with your personal data. You have the right, at any time, to cancel or withdraw the consent granted to any transactions to which you previously agreed.

Master Codes prepares forms for exercising rights that can be requested by e-mail or using the forms prepared by the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

Your problem will be resolved within a maximum period of ten working days from the date of receipt of your request, which may extend to a month according to the number of requests submitted and their degree of complexity. We also reserve our right to object in accordance with what is stipulated in Article 34 of Law 18-07.

If there is any change in your data, please inform us in writing so that we can keep your data up to date.

1- The right of Notification : Article 32

Algerian law guarantees that the concerned person, whether an electronic merchant or a customer, is informed of the basic purpose of the service provided by Master Codes through this Octomatic platform.

It is obligatory for every user who uses our services to obtain the explicit consent of every person whose data is processed through our platform in accordance with what is stipulated in Article 07 of Law 18-07 relating to the protection of personal data.

2- The right to access: Article 34

The person concerned can contact us and find out whether personal data relating to him or her are being processed or not, as well as the purpose of the processing, as mentioned previously. This must be done within ten days from the date of its request.

3- The right to rectification: Article 35

The concerned person who contacts us and discovers that we are processing personal data about him can ask us to update, correct, or delete this data due to its inaccuracy or incompleteness, and we are committed to making the necessary corrections free of charge within ten days from the date of his request.

4- The right to object: Article 36

The person concerned may contact us and object to the processing of his or her personal data. He may also object to its use for advertising purposes, especially commercial ones. The person concerned may also withdraw his consent at any time.

5- Direct exploration: M 37

After obtaining approval from the person concerned, the process of sending alert messages about the status of the order, its location, the date of its delivery, and other marketing offers can be carried out via WhatsApp or SMS text messages on the phone. Direct exploration cannot be carried out by any means except after obtaining prior approval from the person concerned, as we enable him to do so. You can object to this and for free by contacting us about it, and we are always committed to indicating our information and contact information to enable the recipient to send a request to stop these receipts without expenses.

Data security:

Master Codes is committed to taking all technical and organizational measures in order to provide appropriate security conditions for processing personal data and ensuring the privacy of your data, in implementation of Law 18-07 related to the protection of personal data. Therefore, Master Codes takes all necessary measures in view of the nature of your data and the risks of processing it. In order to maintain data privacy and integrity. These measures aim in particular to prevent it from being distorted or damaged, or to prevent any other unauthorized party from accessing it. These measures are based on providing a data center, a backup data center, remote monitoring systems, a special policy for storing data, and granting qualified employees security licenses to access the data. Database, personal and secure login using personal identification data and password, maintaining a log file, encrypting and decrypting data, and tracking data access.

We are keen to protect the privacy of our customers' information, so we take strict procedures and policies to ensure that data is secured from hacking and is safely protected on our servers. We use advanced technologies to secure communications and storage, and follow strict security practices to protect sensitive data. We recognize our responsibility to our customers and to the law and are committed to protecting their privacy and data security in the best possible ways.

Payment of fees :

Subscribing to the platform and benefiting from the services it provides is free of charge. The user pays 10 DZD for each new order in his account on the platform if he chooses to subscribe (win-win plan). He pays a monthly fee according to the chosen offer if he chooses the monthly subscription. Subscription fees, transaction fees and additional fees are referred to as “Fees”.

The free package contains fifty free orders every month.

When subscribing to the (win-win) plan, payment will be made for the first time when the order counter reaches 100 orders in your account, after which fees will be deducted every time the counter reaches 200 orders.

When subscribing to other monthly plan, whether gold, silver or bronze, the subscription rights will be paid in advance and the subscription will end either at the end of the specified period or upon reaching the agreed upon number of orders, which requires choosing a new subscription to continue using the platform’s services.

User must enter valid credit card information into the registration file to pay all periodic financial obligations. Octomatic will record the charges to the credit card account on which the information was written (“Authorized Card”), and Octomatic will continue to charge the Authorized Card (or any replacement card) for outstanding fees until the Services are terminated and only when all outstanding fees are paid in full unless Stated otherwise.

Balance recovery:

The Octomatic account holder must always ensure that he or she has sufficient funds to pay the due invoice once it is generated.

The balance available on the person concerned’s account is used to pay bills resulting from pre-agreed fees; Therefore, this balance cannot be fully refunded for any reason, unless the legitimacy of this refund is proven.

To request a refund of the amount the user has in his store balance, it is necessary to explain the reason he wants to make this withdrawal.

Refund requests will only be accepted if the balance exceeds $15.

The credit cannot be refunded after 6 months of purchase.

The seller bears the transaction costs related to the refund procedure, whether these costs include transfer fees to his account or purchase fees.

If the credit was purchased during a promotion, it cannot be refunded.

The user can request a refund of the balance directly to the bank account he used in the purchase process, or to the PayPal account, and it can also be transferred to the balance of another store on the Octomatic platform, but the last procedure is done only once.

Please note that the refund process in case of transfer to a bank account may range from 4 to 10 working days depending on the bank's policies.

Cancellation and termination:

The user can cancel his account at any time by contacting the support team via email at [email protected] and then following the specific instructions indicated in the email from octomatic.shop.

When either party cancels the Services for any reason:

  • octomatic.shop will stop providing the user with services, and he will no longer be able to access his account.
  • The user does not have the right to recover any fees, unless otherwise stated in the terms of use
  • Any balance due as a result of your use of the Services through the date of such termination will immediately become due for payment in full, and the user’s website services will be discontinued immediately.

If the service end date comes and there are fees that the user has not paid, one final invoice will be sent via email. After the bill is paid in full, the user will not be charged again.

Fraud: octomatic.shop has the right to suspend or terminate your account upon suspicion of engaging in fraudulent activity in relation to the services of octomatic.shop or any of its customers, and to take any other legal action if necessary.

Suspected traffic: octomatic.shop has the right to suspend or permanently close your account without warning if it is proven that there is a suspicion of a number of mysterious traffic from an unknown source affecting octomatic services, its servers or other users.

Freeze and delete the account:

Any inactive account will be frozen after ensuring that there is no activity in the account or no login to it for a period of 15 days. The user can manually lift the freeze by logging in and pressing the Unfreeze button.

The account will be permanently deleted if the account continues to be frozen for a period of three months and the freeze is not lifted by the user.

Links to other sites:

Our Service may contain links to other websites that are not operated by us. If you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to the third-party's site. We strongly advise you to review the privacy policy of every site you visit.

We do not bear responsibility for the changes that may occur in some of the platforms that we deal with, whether the platforms of delivery companies or electronic stores, such as a change in the list of states or municipalities or the cessation of providing a certain service, which may lead to fluctuation or disruption in your dealings with that platform, and therefore we will work hard to Solve every problem and keep up with every change to keep your business running smoothly and professionally

Cookies :

Cookies are small files containing some data or information stored on an electronic device used by a web browser, which may or may not include anonymous unique identifiers as to where the cookies are directed. It is a small text file that is sent and stored by a website on your device, for the purpose of tracking your movement within the platform and your interaction with various components, sections and functions of the website. These cookies help improve and enhance a user's web experience and record user preferences. Cookies will not be intended to control the devices on which they are stored, will not cause any harm to your device, nor will they extract your personal information from your device. Cookies will remain on your device(s) until they expire or are deleted.

Database localization:

In accordance with Algerian legal laws, we in our company are keen to localize data on servers inside Algeria, in order to ensure the protection of data privacy and compliance with local legislation and regulations related to the protection of personal data. By localizing data on local servers, we also ensure easy access to data and quick response to customers in Algeria, maintain data confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access to it. We are also always working to develop data protection policies and procedures and train our employees to apply them effectively to maintain the confidentiality of data and protect it in the best possible ways.

WhatsApp services:

You can use the WhatsApp services that we provide through our platform, While you must adhere to WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy (business.whatsapp.com/policy)


OCTOMATIC's use and transmission to any other application of information from the Google APIs will comply with the Google API Services User Data Policy , including its limited use requirements.

introduction :

In addition to the information contained in the Privacy Policy agreed upon during your account registration here we will detail the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for syncing your Google Account with our OCTOMATIC platform. OCTOMATIC is committed to implementing all technical and organizational measures to provide appropriate security conditions for the processing of personal data, and to ensure the privacy of your data in your Google Account. This is in accordance with international laws and Law 18-07 related to the protection of personal data. Therefore, we take necessary measures taking into account the nature of your data and the associated risks to maintain data privacy and integrity. If important changes are made, we will notify you via one of the means of communication mentioned in your contract (email, admin interface, phone call, SMS).

What is the legal basis for processing your data?

The legal basis for processing your data is the Law (18/07) relating to the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data, and the Law (18/05) relating to electronic commerce. All of the above actions are performed with your express consent.

Purpose of accessing data:{' '}

We collect only the necessary information from your Google Drive and Google Sheets, which you have specified, for the sole purpose of facilitating and expediting the integration of your data into your OCTOMATIC account. Your OCTOMATIC account allows you to process data efficiently in the context of your activities through your management interface, enhancing the ease and effectiveness of using this data for your business.

What data do we collect and how will it be treated?

We collect data from your Google account to facilitate its integration into your OCTOMATIC account. This includes obtaining your login credentials, such as email address and name. We use this information to identify your account on our platform. Additionally, we have access to the list of spreadsheets files that exist in your google drive and read data of selected spreadsheets. You have the flexibility to modify your Sheets selected , choose the files we collect, and delete or deselect these files as needed. Processed data is directly transferred from your account to your OCTOMATIC account. You can disable the synchronization of your OCTOMATIC account with your Google account through your admin interface at any time, giving you complete control to manage and protect your data accurately and securely.

What data do we collect and how will it be handled?

e collect only the necessary data from your Google Account to facilitate its integration into your OCTOMATIC Account. This includes obtaining your login credentials, such as email address and name. We use this information to identify your account on our platform. In addition, we will select Google Drives and Google Sheets that we will access to collect data directly on your own. You can delete or deselect these files as needed and at any time. The file data to which OCTOMATIC will have access will be transferred directly to your OCTOMATIC account. You can at any time disable the synchronization of your OCTOMATIC account with your Google account from your admin interface, giving you full control to manage and protect your data accurately and securely.

Data protection:

Our teams work tirelessly to protect your information, to ensure the security and integrity of our platform with your Google Account. In addition, data collected via our OCTOMATIC platform from your Google Account will not be shared or disclosed to third parties. We also put in place all the necessary tools to audit and evaluate the security of our data storage and the tools that process your data.