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Manage all orders in one place in a professional method :
List of states, citties and offices for all delivery companies in one place
Automatic collection of all orders from all stores in one place
Archive of attempts to confirm orders
Distributing orders to team members manually and automatically
Solution to the return problem
Increase delivery rate to 95%
Detect the return percentage for each customer
Synchronizing delivery prices with all delivery companies
Customizing delivery prices according to the delivery company
Customizing delivery prices according to the state and type of delivery
Customize delivery prices according to one or several products
Follow up on the status of orders immediately
In one platform, you can track all orders from all delivery companies in real time.
No more hassle with different delivery company platforms.
otomatic notifications to customers explaining the status of the order
Get rid of the hassle of submitting orders to the delivery company
Automatically writing order information in delivery companies
You can link all stores with all delivery companies
Print the shipping labels directly from the platform
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Whatsapp notification :
WhatsApp marketing messages with one click now
Send promotional offers to your clients without borders or limits
Send Order status notification to your clients
Save time and turn repetitive tasks into automated processes
The interface is easy to understand and simple, with a logical organization of elements
The ability to confirm orders automatically by SMS
manage your business from phone or computer
Effective management of the order confirmation team
Managing the work team, tracking their payments, and evaluating their performance
Determine the powers of each user and assign him specific requests
You can add an assistant to act on your behalf in managing your business.
accurate statistics for making sound decisions
Detailed analysis of income, expenses and net profits.
Detailed analysis of the confirmation and tracking team and its operations.
Accurate details about the delivery process
An intelligent order management system that makes all tasks otomatic

We have placed in your hands nine years of experience in e-commerce and programming to produce this comprehensive and integrated platform that will benefit all e-merchants and save you and your team more than 90% of time and effort so that you can focus on business development and avoid all repetitive and boring tasks.

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Comprehensive inventory management
Comprehensive tracking of products at all stages of delivery.
Alerts about out of stock and lost orders.
Track all inventory movements
Manage your delivery team
Measure the productivity and personal effectiveness of each team member
Know response times and other important data
Appointing delivery men in one or more states
Data security and confidentiality
We are committed to providing appropriate security conditions for processing and ensuring the privacy of your data, and preventing any unauthorized party from accessing it, in implementation of Law 18-07 related to the protection of personal data.

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A professional interface for organizing orders
Linking with online stores
Link with delivery companies
otomatic upload for delivery companies
Track orders in one platform
Comprehensive Inventory Management
Detecting fraudulent customers
Accounts for team members
Comprehensive and detailed statistics
Profits calculation
Appointing special delivery men
Track orders in one platform
Track orders in one platform
Multiple label printing
List of cities and states
Out of stock alerts
Alerts of lost orders
Accounts for team members
Accounts for team members
Connect with Facebook Leeds
Accounts for team members
Distributing orders to team members
Assigning each member to specific products
Accounting and payments for the delivery team
Customize delivery prices
Product pricing method
Daily report on profits and delivery
Automatic import of orders from stores
A detailed log of confirmation attempts
Detailed log of all modifications
Accounts for team members